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Gyanmandu Online Media

Curiosity has always been on the finest quality of gyanmandu which it complements choosing a different path competing with better vision towards journalism and presenting news and articles in a more timely manner. Gyanmandu being a part of Scientific Business Hub pvt ltd. also arose from the ambition to achieve excellence together.  We have an ambition to always improve, grow and become more efficient.

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Gyanmandu Life Management Courses

Life has always been an aspect of existence that evolves through growth and conscious development. The life we impose has assertion, discharge planning, emotion identification, goal setting, motivation, problem solving, risk taking, role satisfaction, self awareness, self esteem, support system, time management and values clarification. We know the dreams of people we lead and our set of trainings classified as Gyanmandu Life Management Courses under Scientific Learning Center help them work towards releasing them.

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Gyanmandu Corporate Training

Scientific learning Centre (SLC) has always been able to motivate and build, we have a firm believe in creating excellence through various analysis, evaluation, implication and a scientific approach towards the institutional goals one has set. SLC gives you a wide range of solutions for your aim and ambition. Our set of trainings classified as Gyanmandu Corporate Training under Scientific Learning Center has been able to ascertain an endless satisfaction throughout the nation. We have a strong faith in constant improvement and constant change.

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Gyanmandu Stock Market Training

We have been conducting Gyanmandu Stock Market Trainings under Scientific Learning Center since last 4 years all over the nation. Our one of the most popular training is Gyanmandu Fundamental Stock Market Training which comprises of Concept of Demat and Meroshare, Concept of Primary and Secondary Market, IPO/FPO and its procedure, Secondary Market and Brokers, Trading Mechanism in Secondary Market, Concept of Index and Circuit Breaker, Concept of Dividend and Right Shares, Book Closure and Price Adjustment, Mutual Funds and Debentures, Fundamental Ratios (EPS, PE, BV and etc), Portfolio Management, Zero Investment and Averaging.

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Enjoy Your Study

As we all know that we all enjoy doing various activities but we don’t tend to enjoy our study and we need to know that there is a science behind it. As we are doing various fun activities our right brain gets activated but when we sit to read and write our left brain gets activated and we don’t enjoy it anymore or loose interest in short period of time. Gyanmandu Enjoy Your Study is the course under Scientific Learning Center that will help us in our studies by activating our right brain and by helping us understand how our brain works.

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Scientific Accounting and Business Consultancy

SABC navigates through increased complexity and volatility that resides with a firm or an individual goals. We help you in scaling your transformation. From financial forecasting, analyzing financial statements determining the profitability of your business, analyzing accounts payable to see where your business might be able to save money and setting up consistent accounting practices.

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Scientific HR Solutions

SHR is derived with an intention of promoting analytical skills and creating various career opportunities that lead you right away to your destined doorstep. We believe in maintaining the socio-economic relationships and interpreting employment laws. SHR works diligently behind the scene to ensure an organization runs efficiently with a effective and ideal employee.

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Authorized Business Partner | Bizbazar

BizBazar is the foremost public limited subsidiary company in Nepal founded by the RKD group to digitize the Nepalese market. Bizbazar is a well-managed, digital-friendly e-commerce platform which aims to assist millions of people with innovative ideas to create a brand, tell their stories, and transact with their customers online – powerfully and beautifully. It believes every dispersed business and service should be integrated into a single large platform, allowing them to work digitally and independently to expand their reach and objectives. SBH has been appointed as an Authorized Business Partner for Special Central Region which includes Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kavre districts. SBH will act as a business strategic, business promotion and market expansion partner in its region.

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