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Gyanmandu Stock Market Training

We have been conducting Gyanmandu Stock Market Trainings under Scientific Learning Center since last 4 years all over the nation.

Our one of the most popular training is Gyanmandu Fundamental Stock Market Training which comprises of Concept of Demat and Meroshare, Concept of Primary and Secondary Market, IPO/FPO and its procedure, Secondary Market and Brokers, Trading Mechanism in Secondary Market, Concept of Index and Circuit Breaker, Concept of Dividend and Right Shares, Book Closure and Price Adjustment, Mutual Funds and Debentures, Fundamental Ratios (EPS, PE, BV and etc), Portfolio Management, Zero Investment and Averaging.

Our Advanced Fundamental Stock Market Training comprises of Balance Sheet Analysis, Profit and Loss Account Analysis, Detail Explanation on Fundamental Ratios (EPS, PE, Book Value), Graham Number and Finding the Undervalued Stocks using Graham Number, Dividend Yield, PEG Ratio, ROE and ROA, Concept of Revenue, Growth Analysis, CAGR (Compounding Annual Growth Rate), Factors affecting Secondary market and Mutual Fund Analysis.